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Mission Hill Episode Guide - Episodes 14 - 18

[ Episodes 1 - 4 ]  [ Episodes 5 - 8 ] [ Episodes 9 - 13] 
[ The Lost Episodes  - Episodes 14 - 18]

Note: None of these episodes of Mission Hill were completed, scripts were written and some work may have been done but they will likely never be completed.

14. "SUPERTOOL" (Or, "Meditations on a Career in Advertising")
Written by Ben Kull

Andy and Jim work together on the "Chef-A-Rooni" account at the ad agency. They learn a deep, dark secret about the American advertising business. (Guest Star: David Clennon as Jim's Boss)

Download the script (MS-WORD for Windows)   (PDF)

15. "FREAKY WEEKEND IN THE CRAPPY CRUDWAGON" (Or, "To Grandmother's House We Go")
Written by Michael Panes

Andy, Kevin, Jim, and Posey take a road trip on Memorial Day Weekend. But, even as the trip progresses, they are unable to agree on their destination. Each one freaks out in turn, leaving Posey in command. Meanwhile, Gus and Wally take care of Stogie.

Download the script (MS-WORD for Windows)   (PDF)

16. "CRAP GETS IN YOUR EYES" (Or, "Pretty in Pink")
Written by Aaron Ehasz

Andy and Gwen's relationship goes through a rocky period when Andy starts dating Jim's assistant Stacie. But Stacie is a very different woman than Gwen...

Download the script (MS-WORD for Windows)   (PDF)

17. "PREMATURE MATRICULATION" (Or, "Death of a Yale Man")
Written by Robin Stein

Kevin sinks to his lowest point ever when he pretends to be a terminally-ill boy in order to get a guaranteed admission to Yale.

Download the script (MS-WORD for Windows)   (PDF)

18. "I WAS A TEENAGE PORN STAR" (Or, "Bye Bye Nerdie")
Written by Andrew Kreisberg

Kevin accidentally appears in the background of a porno movie being filmed in the building. And when the parents find out, Kevin is out of Mission Hill and living with his parents in Wyoming. But Kevin's a different person after his time in city.

Download the script (MS-WORD for Windows)   (PDF)