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Behind the scenes info for Mission Hill

bullet Did you know that Stogie's original name in the show was going to be "Stoli?" -- he was supposed to be named after the vodka. The suits at The WB had trademark issues, so they went with Stogie instead.
bulletThis show was one of, if not the last, traditionally animated primetime shows.  You see, hand-drawn animation used to be done using cels that were photographed one at a time.  These days, everything is drawn and animated on the computer. 

bulletThe original name of the series was "The Downtowners", but then MTV came out with an animated show called "MTV Downtown" which was to premiere at around the same time.  So, the name was changed to "Mission Hill."  Incidentally, I think "MTV Downtown" was also a funny show with a unique look to it.

bulletVicki Lewis's distinct, gaspy voice for Posey was kind of an accident.  The day of her audition, she had been to the dentist and her voice was still affected.  Apparently the producers liked her voice in that state they wanted her to keep it for Posey.

bulletThe theme song for 'Mission Hill' is a shortened, instrumental version of the song 'Italian Leather Sofa' by the band 'Cake.'  Apparently they are Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein's favorite band.

bulletStogie the dog, Andy's dog that drinks alcohol and eats whatever seems edible, was apparently based on a real dog, according to Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, creators of the show.

bulletThirteen episodes were completed of the show, plus five scripts that were finished but never animated.  Four of them have now been released to the internet, and you can read them on our Lost Episodes page.

bulletAfter the credits of each episode there was a short animated sequence featuring the Mission Hill characters saying 'A Bill Oakley - Josh Weinstein production.'

bulletThe WB network, which originally commissioned the show, aired only two episodes which scored extremely low ratings.  Due to the high expenses of the show, the WB decided it was best to relaunch the show later.  Unfortunately, they chose to air it during the summer with little promotion, so even the original thirteen episodes were never seen on the network that bought it.  While it may sound strange, it's becoming an extremely common occurrence these days, with networks canceling shows left and right before they're even done airing their completed episodes (in the 2001/2002 season the list of such shows includes "Emeril", "Bob Patterson", "Citizen Baines" and "Danny."

bulletThe show was picked up by the Cartoon Network in the US and Teletoon in Canada for the 'Adult Swim' and 'Teletoon Unleashed' programming blocks respectively, long after the show's incomplete run on the WB had finished.