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Mission Hill Episode Capsules

The following are pages contain detailed information about each episode, including a plot summary, music guide, jokes you might have missed, and much more.

And it's very possible I have missed something, so please let me know with the feedback link on the left if you have anything to contribute to any of the capsules.

1. "THE DOUCHEBAG ASPECT" (Or, "Pilot Episode") capsule
2. "GREAT SEXPECTATIONS" (Or, "Andy Joins the PTA") capsule
3. "PORNO FOR PYRO" (Or, "Kevin's Problem") capsule
4.  "THE BIG-ASS VIACOM LAWSUIT" ( Or, "Andy vs. The Real World") capsule
5. "ONE BANG FOR TWO BROTHERS" (OR, "Andy and Kevin Make a Friend") capsule
6. "HOW TO GET HEAD IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING" (or, "Andy Gets a Promotion") capsule
7. "NOCTURNAL ADMISSIONS" (Or, "Kevin vs. the S.A.T.") capsule
8. "BROTHER'S BIG BONER" (Or, "Unemployment Part One") capsule
9. "THEORY OF THE LEISURE ASS" (Or, "Unemployment Part Two") capsule
10. "HOT FOR WEIRDIE" (Or, "Kevin Finds Love") capsule
11. "DAY OF THE JACKASS" (Or,"Stories of Hope and Forgiveness") capsule
12. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOUCHEBAG" (Or, "Happy Birthday, Kevin") capsule
13. "I MARRIED A GAY MAN FROM OUTER SPACE" (Or, "Plan 9 from Mission Hill") capsule