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Music of Mission Hill

All music in Mission Hill, including the end titles was composed by Eric Speier.

These are songs featured in each episode of Mission Hill:

Opening Theme
bullet"Italian Leather Sofa" by Cake (a shortened instrumental version of the song).

Episode 1 - "THE DOUCHEBAG ASPECT" (Or, "Pilot Episode")
bullet "Burning flies" by Looper, playing when Andy is walking to his apartment after leaving work.
bullet "Couldn't you wait" (acoustic version) by Silkworm is playing in the car on the way to Andy's parents house
bullet"Don't let the bastards grind you down" by The Toasters is playing at the party.
bullet"Rude boy rock" by Lionrock.

Episode 2 - "GREAT SEXPECTATIONS" (Or, "Andy Joins the PTA")
bullet"Machete" by Moby, "Do that thing" by the Halo Benders, and "Major Leagues" by Pavement are played during the school dance.

Episode 4 - "THE BIG-ASS VIACOM LAWSUIT" ( Or, "Andy vs. The Real World")
bullet "Ape self prevails in me still" by Quasi is played during the montage of MTV 
interrupting the lives of the Mission Hill residents.
bullet "Everybody hurts" by R.E.M. is played when the roommate from 'The Real World' is taken away in an ambulance.  It is also sung by the show's cast at the end of the episode.
bullet "Begin" by Lambchop is played as Andy, now a cast member, walks into the house to the rest of the cast talking about their feelings.
bullet "Who's afraid of elizabeth taylor" by Joan of Arc was playing as Andy was in the confessional booth.  You really can't hear it playing but it's there.

Episode 5 - "ONE BANG FOR TWO BROTHERS" (OR, "Andy and Kevin Make a Friend")
bullet "Nightmare" by Razed in Black was playing at the Republican vampire's party.
bullet "Dying culture" by Wumpscut was the second song at the Republican vampire's party.

Episode 6 - "HOW TO GET HEAD IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING" (or, "Andy Gets a Promotion")
bullet "Blue Monday" by New Order and "Do you really want to hurt me" by Culture Club both play during Ron's party.

Episode 8 - "BROTHER'S BIG BONER" (Or, "Unemployment Part One")
bullet "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot plays in the Ferraro when Kevin drives Andy and Gwen on their date.
bullet "In-a-gadda-da-vida" by Iron Butterfly plays in the van that Gwen leaves Andy and Kevin for.

Episode 9 - "THEORY OF THE LEISURE ASS" (Or, "Unemployment Part Two")
bullet "Supermarket" by Clemek (from the 'Run Lola Run' soundtrack) is heard as Andy stands in front of Jim's office building and people whiz by him. 
bullet You can hear "The spark that bled" by The Flaming Lips as Jim's office is revealed.
bullet Kevin's necktie plays "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton.
bullet "Urban gentleman" by The legendary Jim Ruiz group is played as Beardley gets fired and then again at the end in the dentist's office.

Episode 10 - "HOT FOR WEIRDIE" (Or, "Kevin Finds Love")
bullet "Yo yo" by Basement Jaxx is the first song playing at the meter room.
bullet "Phalanx" by Jega is the second song at the meter room.
bullet "Yakety sax" is played at the end when Kevin dives into the water.

Episode 11 - "DAY OF THE JACKASS" (Or,"Stories of Hope and Forgiveness")
bullet "Arctic Cat" by The Gloria Record is playing on Jim's car radio before the DJ comes on with Grammy news.

Episode 12 - "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOUCHEBAG" (Or, "Happy Birthday, Kevin")
bullet "Unsung" by Helmut is heard in teenage Andy's room during little Kevin's birthday party.
bullet"Everloving" by Moby is playing when Andy finds Kevin in their old house.
bullet "Cherry Pie" by Warrant is playing at the end.

Episode 13 - "I MARRIED A GAY MAN FROM OUTER SPACE" (Or, "Plan 9 from Mission Hill")
bullet"Everbody's talkin" by Harry Nilsson and then "Midnight Cowboy" by John Barry play as Kevin watches the movie 'Midnight Cowboy.'
bullet Gyorgy Ligeti's "Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo Sprano, two mixed choirs and orchestra" as performed by the Bavarian radio orchestra and conducted by Francis Travis is played as Kevin watches the film '2001: A Space Odyssey.'