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Mission Hill Episode Guide

Here you'll find episode synopses and my own reviews for each episode.  Be warned some of the synopses have spoilers in them but I'll try not to give away much beyond the story, so you'll still be able to enjoy the jokes.  I've divided the thirteen episodes into sections.

[ Episodes 1 - 4 ]  [ Episodes 5 - 8 ] [ Episodes 9 - 13]

Additionally, there were five episodes that were never animated, but the scripts were written.  I've dubbed these 'The Lost Episodes', and you can read about them here.  Before you ask, it is very unlikely that these episodes will ever be produced, as the show was cancelled a long time ago and the staff has moved on.

However,  you can download the scripts for these episodes in Microsoft Word format.  Read them and enjoy them.

[ The Lost Episodes  - Episodes 14 - 18]