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Characters of Mission Hill

Andy French
Voice: Wallace Langham

Andy is a 24-year old aspiring cartoonist living in 'Mission Hill.'  He's lazy, sometimes rude, and likes drinking, eating junk food and partying.  Deep down though, he's kind of a nice guy, even to Kevin sometimes.


Kevin French
Voice: Scott Menville 

Kevin is Andy's younger brother.  Panicky, nerdy and very image conscious (for fear it will affect his admission into a good college).  He constantly drives Andy nuts due to his persistence on his ideals about pornography, drinking, money and about a million other things in life.


Jim Kuback
Voice: Brian Posehn

Jim is Andy's best friend since high school and they went to college together.  He is very laid back about almost everything, rarely ever panicking.  And he doesn't seem to be a very picky eater, since he'll eat just about anything that has any resemblance of something edible (which has resulted in more than one tangle with Stogie the dog).


Posey Tyler
Voice: Vicki Lewis

Posey is new age kind of girl and is also Andy's roommate.  She's into spirituality and alternative therapies such as remedies in a jar, organically grown vegetables and massages.  While she may seem spacey and bizarre, she's actually pretty smart when the time calls for it.


Voice: Nick Jameson

Stogie is Andy's dog from back when he lived with his parents.  When Andy's parents moved to Wyoming, Andy took the dog with him to Mission Hill.  He's a bit soft in the head though, probably due to the alcohol and garbage he tends to consume.  Oh yeah, and the less than favourable treatment his used to receive from Andy's parents.


Voice: Jane Wiedlin

Gwen is Andy's on-again, off-again girlfriend.  She worked with him at Waterbed World until it closed.  Sometimes she seems mad at Andy for his non-committal, laid-back approach to their relationship.


Gus Duncz
Voice: Nick Jameson

Gus is a loud, elderly diner owner who also happens to be Andy's neighbor.  He gets angry quite easily but despite that, he doesn't seem to be a terribly violent person, just a guy who yells a lot.


Wally Langford
Voice: Tom Kenny

Wally is Gus's longtime partner.  He and Gus get into a lot of loud fights, like any couple that's been together for as long as they have.  But, they always make up in the end.


Natalie Leibowitz-Hernandez 
Voice: Vicki Lewis

Independent and intelligent, Natalie is married to Carlos and together they have a baby whose name (or gender) is never muttered.  She believes in a lot of causes, and often takes action if she believes in something.


Carlos Hernandez-Leibowitz
Voice: Herbert Siguenza

Carlos and Natalie are neighbors of Andy and Kevin.  Carlos is a talented, but starving artist who often has to depend on his wife to get by.


George Bang 
Voice: Bill Oakley

George is one of Kevin's best friends.  He seems to have a lot of bad luck, from people tripping over him and/or crashing into him to computer problems and other assorted mishaps.


Toby Mundorf
Voice: Josh Weinstein

Toby is Kevin's other best friend, and the first new person Kevin met when he came to high school.  At least he's the first person he met that didn't tell Kevin he was 'whack.'  Overweight and asthmatic, he tends to overreact at seemingly trivial things.