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Mission Hill Episode Capsule

Episode #2

With loads and loads of contributions by tacosalad97124
Some information taken from TV Tome

Production Code:  3950-02

Original Airdate:  May 26, 2002 (Cartoon Network Adult Swim)

Written by:  Andrew Kreisberg

Directed by:  Gary McCarver

Guest stars: 
Dave Thomas as Mr. Czelanski

Andy, at Kevin's behest, goes to parent-teacher conferences at his school.  There, he meets Miss Peck, a former marine turned teacher.  In order to impress her, he joins the PTA to prove he's a responsible parenting figure and ends up organizing the upcoming school dance.

While all this is going on, Posey gets involved in selling organic vegetables she has grown on the roof.  Her initial attempts to sell them fail, simply because most people don't see a demand for them.  However she slowly finds her niche, and ends up forcing a rather shrewd deal from the owner of the local convenience store, Howard Bang (George's father) much to his chagrin.

Kevin meanwhile, begins playing an online computer game with Toby.  When Toby falls asleep at his computer and causes enemies to ravage their fort, Kevin sells Toby into slavery (in the game that is, not real life).  This does not go well with Toby, who carries his anger back into the real world and swears he will have his revenge (in the game).

This causes Kevin to become paranoid, and he vigorously guards his fort, which means he won't go to the dance.  Andy goes hunting for a date for Kevin, but can only find a scary tough chick who will do it, for $200.

Andy eventually drags Kevin to the dance, wanting Miss Peck to see Kevin having a good time that Andy was responsible for.  At the dance, Kevin and Toby spot each other, and they race home to get to their computers to kill each other in the game.  Unfortunately, Kevin falls into a sewer and Toby wins the race, slaying Kevin's video alter-ego. 

The situation at the dance also falls apart, as the students get drunk off spiked punch, Kevin's "date" demands her money, and Kevin staggers back to the dance, bruised and filthy.  Andy and Kevin go home, with Andy carrying Kevin and muttering how nobody is around to appreciate his good deed.  Kevin adds that he appreciates it.

Andy asks Miss Peck if she was part of his class at Borchmore College.  In the later episode "NOCTURNAL ADMISSIONS" (Or, "Kevin vs. the S.A.T."), it is shown that Andy and Jim went to that college together.

-The roommates' refrigerator has lots of little things on it, including a message to Andy, a menu for Gus's Lunch, and a strip of pictures from a photo booth.

-The online computer game Kevin and his friends play, 'Virtual Valkyrie' is likely a parody of 'Everquest', a popular online computer game.

-The dirty title comes from what Andy sees written on Miss Peck's blackboard when he first meets her: the "Great Ex" from "Great Expectations" with the "S" from "Dickens" to the left of "Expectations."

-"Great Expectations" was a book by Charles Dickens.

-This is the first appearance of Howard Bang, George's dad, and Mrs. Mundorf, Toby's mom.

-When Andy is first introduced to Howard Bang, Mr. Bang called Andy 'Mr. Malt Liquor and Bugles.'  In the first episode, and many other episodes, Andy is seen eating Bugles (which are a cone-shaped corn snack).

-"Machete" by Moby, "Do that thing" by the Halo Benders, and "Major Leagues" by Pavement are played during the school dance.