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Mission Hill: Behind the Bling Blong

When thinking about prime-time animated shows, the name Mission Hill doesn't always come up in people's minds.  A series that premiered in 1999, it was the creation of Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, who had just come off a successful run on The Simpsons, and were looking for a new venue where they could tell stories they were unable to tell within the confines of the popular animated family.   Mission Hill was the result.  With its unique look and style, and a notable soundbyte in the form of 'bling blong', it seemed set to be a major hit and finally provide a generation of youth with an animated program of their own.

Unfortunately, Mission Hill was pulled off its original network: the WB, after a mere two episodes were broadcast.  In total, thirteen episodes were completed, and most of them were never seen until years later when they were rerun on the Cartoon Network, and gained a cult following in the process.

Despite its relatively short lifespan, Mission Hill had many unique qualities that have yet to be seen in any animated show since, and now years later the show still has its followers who either followed the show from its troubled beginnings or recently discovered it through the new life it received on cable.  This is the story of Mission Hill, behind the Bling Blong.