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After the show went off the air for good on the WB in the summer of 2000, Mission Hill seemed like it would wallow in television obscurity forever.  However, things were about to change.

The first signs of a Mission Hill revival came when the Canadian animation network Teletoon began airing the series in the fall of 2001 as part of its new "Teletoon Unleashed" block of programming intended for adult audiences.  The show was a hit on Teletoon, and gained the show had a cult following in Canada.

Cartoon NetworkIn the same year, the Cartoon Network in the US purchased the rights to broadcast Mission Hill for its "Adult Swim" lineup of adult-oriented animated programs.  In May 2002, the show returned to US television for the first time in almost two years, and began a run on Cartoon Network that would see all thirteen episodes shown to US audiences at last.

At this point, the show had gained a fair number of fans: the number of members in the Mission Hill Yahoo Group had grown to over 300, and Mission Hill Online had been running from December 2001 to fill the need for a Mission Hill fansite.

All this success came late however, as the show had already been out of production for years.  Fans clamoured for more Mission Hill episodes, but there was no movement at the studios, despite the existence of five complete episode scripts and some storyboards.

With only one season of produced episodes, both Teletoon and Cartoon Network eventually dropped Mission Hill; although this was after the show had run its course multiple times.  Mission Hill fans were at least left satisfied that they were finally given the chance to watch every episode, but they were still wanting more.