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Mission Hill Episode Capsule

Episode #9
"Unemployment, Part Two" (Or "Theory of the Leisure-Ass")

With loads and loads of contributions by tacosalad97124
Some information taken from TV Tome

Production Code:  3950-11

Original Airdate:  July 28, 2002 (Cartoon Network Adult Swim)

Written by:  Dan McGrath

Directed by:  Christian Roman

Guest stars: 
David Clennon as The Boss
Dave Thomas (voice of unknown)

Oblivious to a world crisis that is brewing, Andy meets a teen actress, Becka Michelle Butterfield, who asks him to go to the Grammys with her.  Unfortunately, things go wrong due to the town's fixation on the continuing crisis, while Andy brushes it off.  Meanwhile, Toby decides to walk to school and ends up being pursued (albeit slowly) by a rabid (but eerily calm) dog.  In the midst of all this, Posey meditates to find her inner self, destroying all her personal demons.

Due to a series of mishaps, Andy and Kevin end up handcuffed to a segment of iron fence.  Kevin is freed, but Andy is not, so Kevin runs to go get help, leaving Andy on the street.  At that moment, Toby comes along with the rabid dog in tow.  The rabid, quiet dog turns into a rabid, angry dog who corners Andy and Toby in an alley, cowering behind the iron fence Andy is bound to.

Kevin, now unable to find his brother, goes to the Grammys, wearing a tuxedo meant for Andy to tell Becka Michelle Butterfield what happened.  He talks to her and tells her a line his mother used to say about tolerance, "It takes all kinds of fruits, to make fruit cup."  Finding the line inspirational, Becka recites the line as she presents an award.  Her recital of that line is accredited to a sudden peace talk and the world crisis is averted.

While still in the alley, Andy finds out about Kevin's day at the Grammys and in a rage hits the rabid dog with the iron fence (don't worry animal lovers, the dog is just stunned).  He then drags the heavy iron fence home in the pouring rain, while reminders of Kevin's accomplishment play out on every TV he passes by.  The noise he makes wakes Posey from her meditative trance just as she sees her inner being.

Kevin returns, happy and thankful to Andy for making it possible for him to go to the Grammys, and gives Andy a note from Becka, who explains she's winning an award next week and wants him to come see it.  It turns out it's the Nobel Peace Prize.

- The episode opens with a shot of Andy sleeping with a "Freak 
Factory" magazine on his face. The magazine appeared previously
3) but this time you can read all the sordid headlines!
- As Andy sleeps, his Maestro Malt liquior spills over the side of 
the building and is eagerly lapped up by Stogie on the fire escape 
one floor down. Wrong floor, or else Stogie has learned to climb!
- In this scene the building next door looks down on the roof of the 
loft, even though it's depicted as a shorter building in every other 
scene of the series.
- This episode peeks inside Jim's room for the second, and last 
time. Jim's room is twice as big as Andy's but it has no windows, 
which is consistent with the exterior shots.
- We see Jim's office for the first time, and this episode introduces 
several characters who were supposed to appear regularly: The Boss, 
Stacy, and Stan. In episode 14 we would learn that Stan is a career-
nothing who has worked in the art department for 27 years. In 
episode 16 we would learn that Jim's assistant Stacy is madly in love 
with Jim, but after a night of drinking she and Andy end up in bed 
- Messages in Mission Hill's backgrounds were customarily obscured in 
each shot, so that you could piece them together by observing several 
different shots in a scene. The two-word title of a Worhol-style 
poster in Jim's office takes longer than any other background to 
fully decipher. The second word ("...sticks") is revelaed
in Act 2, 
but the first word isn't revealed until Act 3. Watch carefully. 
What is the poster's title?
- In act 3, notice how Beardly tiptoes strangely into Jim's office. 
He isn't just being meek; it's a running gag that visitors have to 
step carefully through the litter on Jim's floor. In unfinished 
episode 14 the boss actually steps into a carton of Chinese food!
- BLING BLONG ANAL DETAIL: When Jim leafs through a sheaf of resumés 
the names are: Susan Gorch, Kip Eggler, Dan Deustchbaum. (10 
letters, 9 letters, and 14 letters respectively.) Do you see any 
significance to these names? If so please share it, since I sure 
don't see any!

Real World chick on the Elevator
Presumably you mean Leeann, the black-haired girl. She appeared 
again in Andy's employment-hallucination in "Unemployment, Part