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Mission Hill Episode Capsule

Episode #7
"NOCTURNAL ADMISSIONS" (Or, "Kevin vs. the S.A.T.")

With loads and loads of contributions by tacosalad97124
Some information taken from TV Tome

Production Code:
pc: 3950-07

Original Airdate:
July 2, 2000 (The WB)

Written by:
Robin J. Stein

Directed by:
Scott Alberts

Guest stars: 
Dave Thomas as Mr. Czelanski

Kevin and his friends, Toby and George, discover that a modern-day college applicant needs more than a relatively high SAT score to be accepted.  After their attempts at getting more extra-curricular activities (to pad their resumes)  fail miserably, they decide to pursue a legendary SAT code, a repeating pattern in the answers that would allow them to attain perfect scores.

Meanwhile, Posey opens her own massage business.  Unfortunately due to a misprint in her advertisements, everybody comes to her thinking they'll be having sex.  This catches the attention of the neighbourhood pimp, who insists on his cut for her working his territory.  Posey adamantly refuses to pay him anything.  When Andy mocks the stereotypical pimp, the pimp tries to throw him off the roof, but his back stiffens up.  Posey massages him back to health, and then kicks him off the roof while he's sighing with relief.

Unbeknownst to Toby and George, Kevin gets the aid of a jock to collect old SAT tests for data.  Their hard work fails to bear fruit, and when Toby and George find out the jock stole the old tests, they abandon Kevin.  Despite his best efforts, Kevin runs into a dead end, and in his frustration ends up destroying his computer, along with Toby and George's, which were all hotwired to analyze the massive amounts of test data.

Kevin then hears from Wally about another man who once searched for the SAT pattern.  Kevin finds him and with their combined efforts, the code is cracked.  Kevin then runs to school to take the test, with the code in hand.  Toby and George refuse to use the code, while the jock takes it, and explains he'll be giving it to all his jock friends.  Kevin realizes it was a mistake, fearing college will become ruined with too many jocks in it.  So he destroys the code and gets beaten up for it.  To get out of the test on medical grounds rather than fail it, he insists Toby and George beat him up some more, which they do, after Kevin explains he destroyed their computers.

- What do the signs say:
    -Outside the school: Today SAT exams, Tomorrow STD exams

- Mr. Pensyl is wearing a Cornell shirt, which is the college he says he wants to go to.

-- Observe the rules in the boys' locker room: "No running, no 
horseplay, no genitalia mocking."

- This episode introduces a creepy guy, known only as Creep, whose 
gimmick was the dotted lines that emerge from his eyes as he 
lustfully admires Posey's ass. The Creep would have returned in 
episode 16 to admire Gwen's ass with the same dotted lines. In that 
episode, the creep redirects his dotted-line as Andy's crotch and 
suggestively asks Gwen, "What's he got that I haven't got?"

- This episode is the first to look inside Posey's room. It has no 
windows because it's an interior room, like Kevin's.

- Continuity error in the living-area scene when Kevin brings in 200 
vintage S.A.T. tests: as Kevin enters this scene, the apartment door 
is standing wide open. In the next few shots, while Andy is 
speaking, the door is plainly shut. In the final shot, as the boys 
race into Kevin's room, the front door is wide open again.

- Can you answer this S.A.T. question: "Andy offers Kevin
at 9. If Kevin is 7 years older than pudding, how many litres of 
Andy does it take to get to Denver?" (Presumably the answer is
sum of penmanship, expressed in amperes.)

- Look closely at Mr. Pensyl's apartment to see how he's been trying 
to crask the S.A.T. For example, he's built a model simulation of 
the train from Chicago to Baltimore.

- Why are Toby and George vomiting at the start of the final scene in 
the boys' restroom?