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Mission Hill Episode Capsule

Episode #5
"ONE BANG FOR TWO BROTHERS" (OR, "Andy and Kevin Make a Friend")

With loads and loads of contributions by tacosalad97124
Some information taken from TV.com

Production Code:  3950-05

Original Airdate:  June 25, 2000 (The WB)

Written by:  Michael Panes

Directed by:  Michael Kim

Guest stars: 
Michael Panes as Jerry, The Republican Vampire

One night, Andy finds himself with nothing to do.  So, he goes out intending to wander and ends up drinking and staggering home completely drunk.  There, he finds Kevin and his friends playing videogames, which he drunkenly participates in and wins.  Kevin mistakes this as a moment of bonding between the two of them, and drags Andy to see a movie.

At the movie, Andy and Kevin meet Tina, George's older sister who has come in to visit from college.  Both of them fall in love with her, which causes Kevin to become extremely angry at Andy after he sees Tina sleep with him.  Blaming Andy and believing him to be a degenerate pervert, he takes out his anger at Andy while at the local science fiction convention which they all attend with her.

Meanwhile, Gus comes home with a knife in his head and refuses to remove it.  It remains in his head despite Wally's nagging and subsequent attempts to remove the knife himself.  In order to make Gus see things his way, Wally welds a birdcage, a menorah and some other items he scrounges up to make Gus look more like a public spectacle than he already is.  That causes Gus to falter and he agrees to remove the knife.

At the sci-fi convention, Tina breaks up a fight between Andy and Kevin and expresses her shock and disgust to them, although it's unclear if she is talking to Andy or Kevin.  She tells them she has to leave for her train and she'll call 'him' (Andy or Kevin) if she gets back, but 'he' (Andy or Kevin) will have to get his act together.

- In the beginning Andy, Posey and Jim are watching Bob Ross, who was a painter and host of The Joy of Painting, which was a popular instructional art show from the 1980s.

-When Andy calls Gwen there is a Go-Go's poster on the wall.  Gwen is voiced by Jane Wiedlin, who played rhythm guitar in the Go-Go's.

-Kevin, George and Toby are listening to recordings of a radio show before Andy leaves.



-Andy, Kevin, George, Toby and Tina are watching a movie called Femmbot.  Later, in episode 13: "I MARRIED A GAY MAN FROM OUTER SPACE" (Or, "Plan 9 from Mission Hill"), there is a Femmbot movie poster on the wall of the video store Kevin visits.  It means at that point, the movie had finished its theatrical run and was available on video.

-For Galacticon, the characters dress as:
    -Kevin: Luke Skywalker from Star Wars
    -Toby: Fox Mulder from The X-Files
    -George: R2D2 from Star Wars
    -Tina: Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation

- Catch the signs:
    -"íCopias hechos con gusto!", which means "Copies done with pleasure!" at Xeroxo Mexicano, which roughly means Mexican Xerox, although Xeroxo isn't really a word, just a play on the word Xerox.
    -Galacticon: as featured in Starlog, Fangoria & Psychology Today
    -Vampirina: fandom's fave nearly-nude spokesmonster.  This is a parody of the Vampirella comic character.
    -10-10-3PO, which is a display that has 3PO holding a phone receiver.  This is a parody of 10-10-321 long distance phone services.

-Andy ends up taking the candy cane from a display for Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, which is a cult 1964 science fiction movie.

-Andy also takes the helmet of Darth Vader, who was of course from the Star Wars movies.

-The ape that tells Andy and Kevin they can't go into the "forbidden" area is a fan dressed as Dr. Zaius from the original Planet of the Apes.  This fan also makes a speech at the end about how Andy and Kevin have to discover things on their own.  Dr. Zaius makes similar speeches in the movie.

-When Jimmy Brisken ("Ewok Village #2") suggests everyone sings like Ewoks, he begins doing the Ewok song that was done at the end of Return of the Jedi.

-Andy and Kevin's fight is a parody of Luke and Darth Vader's fight in The Empire Strikes Back, complete with Kevin parodying Darth's "I am your father" line with "You're not my father!".

-The items that Wally welds to Gus' head are
    -A birdcage
    -A menorah

- Episode 16, "Pretty in Pink", was planned to include a reference to this episode's tryst between Andy and Tina. In episode 16, George calls Andy a slut. Andy retaliates by whispering something in George's ear. George's eyes bug out and he cries "With my sister?!"

- Speaking of episode 16, we would have seen more of Gwen's apartment if that episode had been made. As it is, "One Bang for Two Brothers" offers the only recorded glimpse of Gwen's place when Andy telephones her for a last-minute date.

- Jimmy Brisken ("Ewok Villager #2) sounds very similar to Spongebob Squarepants.  This is because they are both voiced by Tom Kenny.  This similarity is admitted by the show's crew on the DVD audio commentary for this episode.

-"Nightmare" by Razed in Black was playing at the Republican vampire's party.

-"Dying culture" by Wumpscut was the second song at the Republican vampire's party.