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Mission Hill Episode Capsule

Episode #12
"Happy Birthday Kevin" or "Happy Birthday Douchebag!"

With loads and loads of contributions by tacosalad97124
Some information taken from TV Tome

Production Code:  3950-12

Original Airdate:  August 4, 2002 (Cartoon Network Adult Swim)

Written by:  Rob Schwartz & Rich Siegel

Directed by:  Michael Kim

Guest stars: 
Dave Thomas as Mr. Czelanski

It's Kevin's first birthday in Mission Hill, but the day is not going well for him, and his dismay is clearly evident.  Even Andy, who planned to taunt his brother (who is used to receiving lavish birthday parties), finds himself sympathetic and willing to organize a real party for Kevin.

Unfortunately, good intentions aside, Kevin dislikes Andy's birthday plans, which are completely different than what he was expecting; and his present, the expansion pack of a computer game (bought probably by mistake) rather than the actual game.  Andy becomes angry and leaves Kevin at the restaurant where they were eating and goes home.  Later that evening however, when Jim and Posey return, Kevin is not with them.  All they know is Kevin said he was 'going home.'

Deciphering that message, Andy goes back to Breyerhurst, the suburbs where they used to live.  Inside their old abandoned house, he finds Kevin moping around.  He cheers Kevin up and in the empty house they do all the crazy things they were never allowed to do when their parents lived there with them.  Their antics however, attract the attention of the local police.  However, Andy recognizes the cops as old friends of his, and then they all throw a huge party in the empty house, to celebrate Kevin's birthday.

- Take note of the men Kevin passes in the streets in Act 1. Two men are cussing incoherently at each other. These men appear again in act 2, as bowlers who cuss incoherently at Kevin when he disturbs them.

- In act 2 we go inside the "Bakery of Sappho" which was described in episode scripts as "The lesbian bakery". Sappho refers to a (female) Greek poet who studied arts on the Isle of Lesbos.

- The cashier in the bakery, Irma, was also supposed to appear in episode 17 if it had been filmed. (The script, "Premature Matriculation"  is available here).  In that episode, Kevin gets a new hairstyle at the same barbershop Irma patronizes. He thinks his new hairdo makes him look like an armpit, so Posey helpfully suggests "an armpit with glasses."

- OOPS: In act 3, two police dudes burst into the house, Hardwicke and Rendazzo. At first their voices are identical (both Tom Kenny).  Then the guy on the left suddenly becomes stereotypical-Canadian.

- "Unsung" by Helmut is heard in teenage Andy's room during little Kevin's birthday party.

- "Everloving" by Moby is playing when Andy finds Kevin in their old house.

- "Cherry Pie" by Warrant is playing at the end.