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Mission Hill Episode Capsule

Episode #11
"DAY OF THE JACKASS" (Or,"Stories of Hope and Forgiveness")

With loads and loads of contributions by tacosalad97124
Some information taken from TV Tome

Production Code:  3950-11

Original Airdate:  July 28, 2002 (Cartoon Network Adult Swim)

Written by:  Dan McGrath

Directed by:  Christian Roman

Guest stars: 
David Clennon as The Boss
Dave Thomas (voice of unknown)


- Esoteric observation: In an early cafeteria scene we can hear 
Eunace mutter "Hmmm. 'Hell is other people.' Sartre. He's a
man." The existentialist concept of 'hell is other people' was 
embodied in Jean Paul Satre's play "No Exit".
- Watch for the motto of Fort Collins: "Proud Home of the 45th
Laundry Division"
- Kevin and Eunace infiltrate a secure area in act 3. Watch for the 
sign, "Secure toilet, no unauthorized usage."
- In act 3, the B-plot includes a shot that's reminiscent of Stanley 
Kramer's "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" where the camera
looks upward 
into the faces of Carlos, Andy, Natalie, Jim, Wally, Posey, and Gus.

- Bling-blong anal detail: Eunace remarks that the schoolgirls have 
nicknamed Kevin "Geek-o". The term geek originated with
flambouyant costumes of acrobatic performers, who presaged superhero 
costumes. Technically speaking, Superman is a geek but Kevin is 
merely a nerd.